Bilateral Hamstring Pain

Posted by danye1 @danye1, Oct 28 6:53pm

A month ago I started experiencing bilateral pain in my hamstrings, a deep, unrelenting aching. I’m trying to figure out if this is due to neuropathy or lumbosacral issues. I have appointments with my neurologist and orthopedist, but would appreciate hearing from anyone with a similar complaint what they believe to be the cause. Thanks!

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Do you have a physical therapist you like? I have one that I’ve been seeing for a year – started with hip pain, and she immediately pointed out how the hip pain was related to glute tightness, which was related to weakness, etc etc.. She uses her hands a lot on my painful areas, so she can feel what the problem is. My doctor wrote a referral that covers pretty much everything from my neck down, so I don’t have to get a new referral each time something new crops up. Anyway, the point is, a good PT might quickly point out what is causing this new pain. Good luck!


I also have pain in hamstrings in my left and right legs. It seemed to appear after I had lower back pain and sciatica. It mostly bothers me when going down the stairs. It's also very, very painful when massaged. The painful area is very hard to the touch. I never associated it with neuropathy though. I'll have to do some research on it because I'm still looking for the actual cause of the pain. I'd be very interested to hear if you have had any luck with a diagnosis.


My guess would be weakness of hamstrings possibly leading to tendonitis. Or this could possibly lead to sacrum problem. Last thought it may be related to a sacrum issue AND muscle weakness of the glutes. In my opinion a really good physical therapist will find the cause better than a ortho doc. Glute pain is terrible! I wish you luck in finding that really good physical therapist. Sadly they are few.

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