Bilateral adrenal adenomas

Posted by judyswanson2 @judyswanson2, Oct 8, 2018

One of my adenomas when last screened was almost 4 centimeters. I am weak tired nauseas have headaches and body aches. Do these symptoms have anything to do with the adrenals?

Hello @judyswanson2 and welcome to Connect.

I would like to invite @dawn_giacabazi to this conversation as she has personal experience with adrenal problems.

I would also encourage to look at a discussion group here on Connect, There are many Members that speak about adrenal issues, including their symptoms and treatment.

If you care to share more, how long ago was this problem diagnosed? Have you had any surgeries for this diagnosis? Have any meds or other treatments been suggested?

Hello @judyswanson2 I am so very sorry you are enduring Adrenal issues. It definitely a complicated pathology. Do you know what type of mass you have?

Hi @judyswanson2

I was just thinking about you and wondering how you are doing?

Hi @judyswanson2

I hope you are experiencing some relief from the symptoms you originally posted about earlier in October. Are you feeling any better now? Has your doctor been able to help you?

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