Biking anyone?

Posted by amytro @amytro, Mar 17, 2019

I read with interest about skiing after TKR here in this column. I am not a skier but am a bicycler and have been for years. I am interested in knowing how long it was before you felt you could get out and do basic rail trails again like you could before? I am 5 weeks post-TKR, got on the bike this week for the first time in PT and had no trouble at all with getting a full revolution the first time out. (PT told me to slow down!). I mentally need to think I'll be back in the saddle- pun intended- very soon but am not sure. Anyone care to share their experience?

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@amytro I use my recumbent bike all of the time and have it at the shortest span (I'm getting shorter every day I think). Of course check with your doctor but I can't imagine any problem with biking unless you are going on rough trails that would increase the likelihood of falling and landing on a knee. I would love to bike and have been thinking of renting a bike for a day to see how it goes. I gave my bike to my daughter when she was in college. Also, my neighborhood is basically up and a hill and then down a hill so I would transport the bike elsewhere.

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