best way to shower or bath after a port is placed

Posted by nancy61 @nancy61, Apr 13, 2019

I am having a port placed on Monday, Good heavens, how to you wash your hair and clean your body if you are not supposed to shower or bath while it is healing. Looking for any good suggestions. At the moment we are in a hotel until we go home after treatment this week.

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Well, You're not going to "sit" in it if it's rectal and even tummy area (I've had both) is tough to take on germs from bathtub if not AOK clean!


Hi @nancy61, welcome to Connect. How are you managing with your port? May I ask where it is located?


Since your original post is dated April 13, you have probably figured it out already. If not, there are shields that cover the port for showering. You have to shower quickly but certainly you can get cleaned up. Hair is a little harder. You can either use a hand held shower head or do it in the sink. I'm guess you are already a pro since your post is a month old. Ports are so awesome for treatment and lab work. So much easier than getting poked! Good luck.

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