Benefits of Exercise During and Just Before Radiation

Posted by bens1 @bens1, Jan 19 8:50pm

Does anybody have any experience with the possible benefits of exercising during radiation sessions. I have found some writings on mental benefits and some information suggesting benefits on certain side effects depending on your cancer status but nothing really conclusive. Any thoughts would be helpful, I think to all.

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During both my radiation sessions:

39 IMRT, 70.2 Gya to the prostate bed and then 45 Gya to the PLN system.

I kept my exercise routine…rode my bike 20-25 mikes, did the elliptical for 30-45 minutes, lifted weights, swam, played basketball….

I did not experience any side affects. Question is, was it the exercise or the advances in the technology and skills of my radiation team?

I'm a study of one as they say. I'm going to say both were factors.

My radiologist showed me the 3D planning software. She also had the radiation team bring my wife into the control room while they were taking imaging prior to starting treatment and then during the treatment, it was amazing the micro-second to second adjustments they made to account for breathing, my body movement…

When my radiologist explained and showed me the treatment plan using her laptop and 3D software it showed how the time, intensity, angle and length of each beam was planned to minimize damage to anything but the area they were targeting.

I could provide you links to a number of studies about the benefits but I think it's intuitive. Ask your medical team, mine said what I did was better than any medications they could prescribe.



I'm with Kevin on this, I kept up my workout routine throughout and had very little to no side effects from the radiation itself.


That’s really good to know as this is one of my worries as well… I will be getting treated (SBRT) within the next couple of months… I keep active, bike every day when the weather is reasonable, and feel really good… I have heard from some that they felt fatigued after treatments, others have had some side effects… If that happens to me, I’ll do my best to push thru it…

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