Belching affecting sleep

Posted by drpepper @drpepper, Oct 17, 2019

Is anyone else awakened from sleep because of belching? This has become a regular thing.

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Hi @drpepper. I'd like to invite a few members you connected with in the "Uncontrolled burping and belching" discussion in Digestive Health (, @jammins and @lelia who may rejoin the conversation and share their experience with this symptom specifically in regards to sleep. I'd also like to invite a few other members who have talked about excessive belching from other various diagnoses: @mayorocks, @jadillow, and @harmonyln have also talked about excessive belching.

@drpepper, do you mind sharing how the belching has woken you up from sleeping? Do you wake up because of the sensation of needing to burp or is the belching itself what wakes you up from sleep? Is it worse when you are lying down?


Because I belch so much during the day, when convenient I like on bed/floor and go from side to side which helps release more gas so I can go for a while before another gas buildup. During sleep I am awakened by loud belching 2 or 3 times a night. Often in morning I feel tense only to realize my digestive tract is filled with gas. The back and forth rolling procedure with slight prompts usually reduces the pressure for a while.

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