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Posted by bcwarrior @bcwarrior, Jan 1, 2023

My breast cancer story started the day I made a deal with my husband in October 2006. If he went to see a cardiologist I would get a mammogram. We both kept our end of the deal. He was fine after already having 3 heart attacks 15 years before we married. I was not so fine. I was scheduled for a biopsy a week later. The day after Thanksgiving my phone blew up with calls from doctors saying I had breast cancer. My gynecologist basically said the radiologist saw breast cancer and the surgeon confirmed the biopsy as positive for cancer. What I wished I had done then was more research. IMO had I known then what I know now I would have had a bilateral mastectomy Not the lumpectomy. There is no doubt in my mind I would be healthier now had I made that choice then! Times have changed drastically since then. I thought it was bad in 2007 with all the surgeries, chemo, mammosite radiation, Neulasta injections, and 10 years of Arimidex. I did everything every Dr. told me to do and still in 2022 had a recurrence. What I'm trying to say is I've been there, done it, and Rang the Bell. I feel like an idiot for not watching youtube before my 05/25/2022 mastectomy!!!!! You and you alone are responsible for making these life-altering changes. Everyone's cancer journey is different but I beg you to watch youtube. I already applaud you for finding this site. Sending well wishes, prayers, and blessings for years to come. XOXOXO

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A good important discussion!
Last year 5/2022 I choose a bilateral mastectomy.
Good choice, but still a long road to fully recovered.
5 weeks of radiation and 14 rounds of preventative chemo with immunotherapy.
Spacers were a challenge for my body after radiation.
Ended with infection 3 times with surgery and stays in hospital.
Coming into 2023 I am excited for 3 rounds to complete my treatments and a delayed reconstruction until March/April 2023.
Of course I will be knitters for 5 years with a survivorship program.
Blessed and grateful even after a difficult recovery in 2022!!
Diagnosed stage 3 grade 3 HER2 positive.
The team of doctors and my ability to let go and have them make the informed decisions with all the data I was able to review, makes me worry less.
I focus on me moving forward and trying to heal everyday!
Better days to all of you that are starting your journey.
Cancer Free feels good, just have to keep focused on looking ahead and keeping in tune with our bodies and the data of our appointments!

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Good for you❣️I know you have come a long way since the beginning of your journey. I know it hasn’t always been easy for you. I just cannot be happier, at how you found your voice.
You have 3 more rounds of ?……chemo?

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