Back pain since having a double hip replacement

Posted by missjudy0016 @missjudy0016, Feb 11, 2019

Hi Everyone, I'm new to this and this is my first time joining a forum so please bear with me. I'm 51 and had a total hip replacement of the left hip, August 18 and then the right hip December 2018. I still use crutches to move around and experience a lot of muscle pains which I expected. The Physiotherapist said i'm doing well and she doesn't seem too concerned. However since having surgery I have been suffering with excruciating lower back pain, my consultant has said that i have 3 bulging disk in the lower spine. This has limited my mobility tremendously and I'm only able to walk or stand for approximately 5 mins, then having to sit for about 4/5 minutes while the burning, crushing and throbbing sensation passes. As soon as I stand to continue, within 5 mins I have to sit again and so on until my task is complete. This has stopped me returning to work or even leaving the house now. My GP has prescribed Tramadol to control the pain but the pain in my back is still unbearable.

Has anybody else experienced this type of back pain after having surgery? and if so what helped you? I would appreciate any advice that would enable me to get back to some sort of normality. I would like add before this I never suffer with back pain.

Looking forward to a reply

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My left hip replacement was March 1. It still hurts so bad after all this time. I am on a very low dose pain reliever. They did an MRI which showed a bulging disc, but dr. didn't seem concerned about it. Now I have all this pain in my right leg. It is so painful, it wakes me up. I saw back surgeon Friday. They did an EMG on my legs to see if I have any nerve problems. It just goes on and on. I see back surgeon and hip surgeon in same office. I do hope they get together to figure this new pain out. I'm so depressed and frustrated.

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Have you talked to either doctor about Rehab PT (this is different than just post-surgical PT.) A Doctor of Physical Therapy evaluates your posture, muscle tone, flexibility and gait, then prescribes a regimen meant specifically for you?
It may include pool therapy, manual manipulation and myofascial release, stretches, exercises and possibly gait training? After five hip surgeries and many hours of PT meant for my back, this was the key for me.
Most of us with bad hips/knees have one or more spine issues as well, and surgery should be a last resort for most of them (long term relief/pain relief success for most back surgery hovers around 50%), but often the proper therapy regimen, combined with daily stretching and exercise at home can keep us moving for years.

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