Back and hip pain

Posted by somde @somde, Dec 28, 2022

I had plantar fasciitis a few years ago and it left me with pain in right leg only. Down my shin bone, osteoporosis in right knee with pain on exertion and second toe numbness in right foot. I do not know if this is the result of plantar fasciitis but it is my right leg only. Any comments or information to offer I would appreciate. I purchased a firm mattress and it helps. My lower back pain result of lower disc compression on nerves. Physio helps this. Thank you.

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Hi. Sorry for all that you’re going through. It’s amazing how many things are connected in our body. The compression of the nerves in your back may be causing a lot of issues. When you trace those nerves down your body to see where they go, you will see where it touches everywhere down your leg into your foot. I wouldn’t be surprised if your back issues were in L4-5. Best of luck to you!


I know I do have lower back disc degeneration. Thank you so much for your insight. Physio did help and I continue with exercises.
You are so right about the connections in our bodies and the miracle of metabolism!
Nerve from back to hip to knee down the shin and into my second toe which now looks a bit deformed. My toe feels a bit numb (nerve damage?) You know what it could be a lot worse. Thanks for sharing dishpain!

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