Awful hemorrhoid and colonoscopy prep, what to expect

Posted by user_ch783e933 @user_ch783e933, Feb 13 9:00am

GI Dr. insists on colonoscopy, I have a history of benign but precancerous bad type polyps (four colonoscopies since 2011). Last summer got a horrible hemorrhoid after really straining (dumb I know!!!) It seems internal AND external. I am too old for surgery (over 72) and this thing is permanent and bothers me all the time.

I'm terrified of the prep. I'm so terrified I'm thinking of not getting this procedure. I know I'm at high risk of colon cancer because of these polyps they always find but I lost TEN pounds because of changing my diet to higher fiber (made it WORSE, MORE constipated and hurt the hem worse!) and a case of diverticulitis (no infection, just inflammation) in December where they put me on Augmentin when I didn't need it and I spent 6 weeks with a very serious yeast infection. I weigh 105 pounds I cannot lose one more ounce.

Anyone with a bad internal/external hemorrhoid do this prep without serious complications and weeks of pain? I can't go any more time without eating. Right now, I'm still taking miralax every day (reducing dose) because the yeast infection really messed up my bowel biome and that prep is going to do it again!!! HELP!!!!

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I found eating low fiber the week before the procedure helps make prep more tolerable. Having one imo is better than the alternative. I had 4 in 20 months as they kept finding more large flat precancerous polyps. I am on a yearly schedule now. I have had internal hemorrhoids but it didn't affect prep that I was aware of, as it wasn't till I saw it on my report that I knew I had them. I have a redundant colon, which means a 2 day two gallon prep ugh, and the procdure takes an hour and half and not the typical 20 minutes. You got this!

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