Has anyone else with IDH-mutant diffuse astrocytoma, grade 2?

Posted by jessetimmer @jessetimmer, 5 days ago

Has anyone else had a grade 2 Astrocytoma IDH Mutant

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Hi @jessetimmer, welcome. I'll be interested to learn more about your brain tumor story. @dgruk @leri @ginette55 all have experience with an astrocytoma, although I'm not sure about the isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) mutation being involved in their situations. Hopefully they'll share more.

Jesse, is this a recent diagnosis for you? Have you had surgery?


Yes it will be 3 years this March 12th!! Thank God after surgery rehab I was able to go back to work with my employer.. I had a grade 2 Astrocytoma that was IDH Mutant which means really slow growing I could have been born with it!! It had finally got to golf ball size that's when I had seizures and the MRI revealed the tumor Thank God for Mayo Clinic and all their amazing staff of Drs nurse's and surgeons!! My surgery was 12hrs long and my surgeon Dr. Terrance Burns got 90percent of it!!! it was a bloody surgery and one of my nerves got cut during surgery so I lost my left side function since my tumor was on the right.. I went threw proton beam radiation to kill what was left and 9 months of chemotherapy pill form after that!! might I tell you still went to work everyday!! The tumor keeps shrinking to our surprise and no signs of regrowth..The only thing I still have but it keeps getting better is neuropathy on my left side and there is some cognitive side effects with how i use my body from surgery but nothing major!! Also might I tell you my amazing wife Abbie Timmer was pregnant with our girl Delaney Mae Timmer who we delivered a week after I got home on May 9th of 2019 which I thank God everyday too have such blessings!!

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