Aromatase Inhibitors: Did you decide to go on them or not?

Posted by nanato6 @nanato6, Oct 12, 2018

Nanaloves: I’m about to start arimidex and just feel that the contraindications , bone issues etc. are overwhelming. I’m 70 years old, dodged a bullet I feel with zero stage DCIS but the follow up is pretty much no different then if it was more aggressive. I’ve just done 33 treatments of radiation and now they advise arimidex as a preventative. I’m not sure with the beginnings of arthritis and lower back. sensitivity already that I should take it. Anyone not take it and not have a recurrence within the 5 years.


Best of luck, Bluebird. I went through a similar process with the various AI's and finally ended up on Tamoxifen in 2019. I've had way fewer side effects.

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That is great news sparkekgram. I was day 5 and had such bad digestive issues pain so bad twice with benching, flatulence rib pain etc. I am now day 11 and still have a funny feeling in my stomach like it wants to be fed if that makes any sense with some rib pain. I am still eating well and eliminating ok. So will hold off for awhile and it may correct itself. But good to hear about Tamoxifen if I need to move to that.


Has anyone decided to discontinue or not even start Aromatase Inhibitors such as Arimidex and pursue a healthier diet including natural Aromatase Inhibitors such as mushrooms? It's my understanding white button mushrooms can inhibit testosterone converting to estrogen by 60% and wonder if this is a viable option for those of us suffering severe AI side effects, along with other cancer-fighting foods and generally healthy Whole Foods diet. TIA

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@mjay, I moved your message regarding discontinuing or deciding not to take AIs to this existing discussion called "Aromatase Inhibitors: Did you decide to go on them or not?"

Mjay, I found this 2011 information from the City of Hope regarding the potential of mushrooms to block estrogen.
– Anticancer effect of mushrooms demonstrated

At that time (2011), researchers stated that trials were ongoing, but that preliminary data looked promising. That was 10 years ago. Did you find any more recent evidence-based research about mushrooms?


I was looking for the appropriate discussion regarding AI's and there is quite an abundance of them so thank you for moving my post to the most appropriate.

Thank you also for the link to the Science Daily article from 2011. I also found this link to a study article published just a few days ago regarding mushroom's effects on cancer generally and specifically in BC:

I first heard of the BC-mushroom connection on "The Truth About Cancer" webinar by Ty and Charlene Bollinger wherein alternative care practitioners have been prescribing white button mushroom to reduce aromatase and thereby estrogen levels specifically for ER+ BC. Hopefully, in the future there will be more studies done to determine the protocol for natural alternatives that do not cause the nasty side effects that AIs seem to be causing.
Thank you!

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