Aromatase Inhibitors: Did you decide to go on them or not?

Posted by nanato6 @nanato6, Oct 12, 2018

Nanaloves: I’m about to start arimidex and just feel that the contraindications , bone issues etc. are overwhelming. I’m 70 years old, dodged a bullet I feel with zero stage DCIS but the follow up is pretty much no different then if it was more aggressive. I’ve just done 33 treatments of radiation and now they advise arimidex as a preventative. I’m not sure with the beginnings of arthritis and lower back. sensitivity already that I should take it. Anyone not take it and not have a recurrence within the 5 years.

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I had the radiation in mid August, no issues then or now.

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So helpful for me! Many thanks. I had BC surgery end of September. Radiation just last week, 5 days, Mon.-Fri. Feeling good, just tired. Waiting for post Rad consult. Any advise? Thank you for your kindness🌷

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