Are there new treatments for Metastatic Brain Tumors after radiation?

Posted by billsh54 @billsh54, Mar 1 1:08pm

My sister recently went through radiation treatment after it was discovered that she had a brain tumor that was believed to have metastasized from her lung cancer. She was told that there was no other treatment available to her. I was wondering if there were more options available at Mayo Clinic in Florida? She does not want to go through a long drawn out study.

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@billsh54, I added your question to the Lung Cancer support group too. I did this because treatment options for brain metastasis from lung cancer may be different from brain tumor treatments.

If you would like to seek a second opinion from Mayo Clinic, you can start here:

It must be so hard to hear "no further options". You mentioned that your sister had radiation treatments already. Was this whole brain radiation?


@billsh54, I'm so sorry to hear of your sister's progression from the lung cancer. Unfortunately, lung cancer commonly advances to the brain. The size and location of the brain tumors can have an impact on potential treatments. A second opinion is never a bad thing, if your sister is open to that. To hear that there are no other options has to be devastating. Does she have trust in her team of doctors? Is she being seen at a major medical center or a smaller local clinic?

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