Aquagenic urticaria: What gives you relief?

Posted by aalmaraz @aalmaraz, Nov 19, 2020

i got diagnosed with aquagenic urticaria about two months ago. i have experienced symptoms for the past year. they prescribed me with two separate antihistamines and i got relief from neither. they had me take them during separate time periods and then they had me take them at the same time. nothing worked. now they have me on one antihistamine and taking beta alanine twice a day. i feel like my hives are getting worse. is there anyone with aquagenic urticaria or a condition that is similar that has experienced something similar? what is something that gives you relief?

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Biopsy was negative for Grover’s.


I have pressure urticaria had every test and no known cause. Have been suffering for years. Prednisone cleared it but as soon as I finished the regimen they returned.
I now get 300mg Xolair injections every 4 weeks and it has worked. But now just had my thyroid removed and they’re BACK. SICK OF IT😡

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