Anyone with deep pain beside the shins and extreme sensitivity !

Posted by myggle1950 @myggle1950, Mar 24 8:53pm

I have both cervical and lumbar scolyalinf with sciatica and muscle spasms. Over the last 4 months I devydeep
Pain in the muscles beside my shins in both legs . At riots so bad I can’t walk. It seems when that pain lessens, it becomes a sensitivity to everything that touches my shins. A doctor said it sounded like peripheral neuropathy, but my legs are not numb and it’s only along muscles beside my shins. Has anyone experienced this or know what this might be? Thank you ! I’m desperate to know. I have had 4 facet injections , 2 ablations, an epidural, and trigger point injections. I can’t help wondering if this is a result of all of this. Appreciate your help!

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Excuse please my typos. I should have read it before posting.

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