Anyone want to hear a funny panic attack story. At least I

Posted by Leland @leland, Mar 27, 2012

Anyone want to hear a funny panic attack story. At least I thought it was funny (in retrospect). When I was in college i made arrangements to fly down to Florida to join them for Spring break. Everything was going smoothly until i remembered that i was terrified of flying. A panic attack immediately ensued and I just had to get off the airplane. I called for a flight attendant, explained the situation with panic stricken breaths, and asked to be let off the airplane. She said they couldn't do it since we had pushed from the gate. The best she could do was to bring me two drinks on the house while we were taxiing, and that took enough of the edge off. So, I guess the moral is don't forget what your triggers are, and always bring your meds in the cabin. Good thing that incident happened pre 9/11 or I might be writing this from Guantanamo bay. Cheers. OBTW, I don't drink at all now given all the meds I'm taking.

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Hi leland how are you? Have been thinking of you. Story is so funny, similar happened to me. I panicked on a flight back from Sydney, and thought had better take my meds. Went to get them and realized that they were in my baggage under the plane. Managed to get panic in check and realized that I had been reading my magazine back home upside down lol Can relate totally Keep in touch Take care Piglit


Sorry forgot to ask how did your ECT go have been in my thoughts Piglit

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