Anyone try the Jovi patches for back pain?

Posted by johnbluffside @johnbluffside, Apr 2 7:43am

Anyone find CBD oil more effective or less than Jovi patches? Herniated disc with sciatic pain.

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@johnbluffside Hi John - This was a new term for me, so my caffeine-fueled brain had to immediately jump into research mode. Especially because I seem to be experiencing a pain flare this week, and can't sleep much.

For curious minds, the Jovi Patch is advertised as a resusable patch which:
"Jovi relief products contain patented technology sandwiched between two layers of medical grade material, designed to work with your body's natural electrical signals to reduce the impact of pain. It feels like magic, but it's science!" It has a companion in the marketplace called the Kailo Patch.

Both of these devices have been around for several years. claim to be "seeking FDA Approval", yet have published ZERO controlled, independent research studies on their effectiveness. All of the sites promoting the patch are of the "testimonial" variety.

Here are short reviews from two respected publishers of medical information:

My takeaway? Probably in the "snake oil cure" category. I have better places to spend my money.

Have you tried targeted Physical Therapy for your sciatic pain?


I'm a little skeptical, mostly because all of the information I've found on the Jovi patch says it's undergone clinical studies that support it's use for pain relief but I can find zero research articles. They also say they have FDA approval but I wasn't able to find the FDA reference article. I did find this negative article written by a retired doctor.

--- Update on Energy Medicine Pain Patches: Jovi and Its Targeted Marketing Strategy:

I did a search of Connect for "herniated disc with sciatic pain" that might provide some other suggestions from other members if you want to look through the related discussions and comments -

Have you tried any of the medicated pain patches?

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