Anyone tried aquablation after a PC diagnosis?

Posted by johnpca @johnpca, Mar 14 5:48pm

I saw some vague statement about how aquablation isn’t indicated for men with prostate cancer but I don’t see why not. Seems less impactful than a traditional TURP and my little walnut is going to be stressed enough as it is from whatever we do with the cancer.

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Look into TULSA procedure and see if it might be a choice


Hi @johnpca, while not specific to men with prostate cancer, you might find this discussion in the Men's Health support group useful:
- Aquablation: Post-surgery expectations

Sounds like this might be a question for your urologist. Am I understanding that you have not yet started treatment for prostate cancer?


Thanks! And yes, that's correct, and it may be a while as I am hoping to stay with AS for as long as I can. It would be good to get some BPH symptoms addressed in the meantime, and as I am leaning toward radiation if things go badly on AS I think you have to do whatever you are going to do for BPH before RT. The reason I asked is that I saw a comment somewhere that aquabaltion may not be indicated for patients with PC, but I don't see why not. I am going to bring it up with my Uro, but wanted to know what others had heard from their providers as well.

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