Anyone out there with Thymoma/Thymic Carcinoma

Posted by allisonsnow @allisonsnow, Jan 5, 2017

Am just trying to find anyone to have a discussion with that is currently or has had the struggle with either of these cancers.

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Hi @joedeal, according to Allison's profile, she has not been on the forum since 2020.
I invite you to join this discussion where @anotherfinemass @shilo14 @gailkattouf @ggaines118 and others are talking about thymic carcinoma:
– Thymic Tumors

How are you doing on chemo? Side effects?

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Hi Colleen. I last week I finished a 12 week treatment (once a week) and am waiting to do a Pet scan 2 weeks from now to evaluate. I have had Surprisingly few side effects, mostly unable to sleep on treatment nights due to steroids. Hair is falling out, I've had some digestive problems, and taste is very strange. Otherwise I feel good and I maintain a positive attitude. Truthfully, I'm convinced that God already has planned for this and one way or another I WILL Be healed. Thanks for your concern.

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