Anyone heard of Dumbar syndrome?

Posted by Melinda @opai, Mar 15 8:18am

I would like if anyone has heard of Dumbar syndrome or what symptoms they may have . Thanks

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Hello @opai, when you say Dunbar Syndrome, are you talking about MALS (Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome)?

If so, there is another discussion on MALS on Mayo Clinic Connect you may find worth looking into and reading through - It is a lengthy discussion, but many members have shared their experiences with MALS.

If you are comfortable sharing, have you been diagnosed with Dunbar (MALS) syndrome?


Yes I have been diagnosed by looking at CT and X-ray, but hadn’t had any trouble, but twice now I’ve had spells where if feels like someone punched me in the stomach last about 2 days I also have crohns but it’s mild case. Thanks for the info!!!

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