Anyone have tightbhamstrings causing snapping by fibula

Posted by scungileen @scungileen, Apr 4 8:54am

My first PT therapist pushed me very hard and caused a snapping by my fibula. It's been weeks, a new PT person who does sports medicine, a massage therapist and an acupuncturist. Everyone has their own opinion. Most say that the snapping is soft tissue related to tight hamstrings. Articles I've read say it may require surgery. I can't bend my leg back without experiencing a snapping, audible sound by the fibula. I am great otherwise. Great ROM, walk well, etc. I can't two step down stairs bcs I believe it is relayed to my problem at hand. I have myofascial pain syndrome. Right now there is no pain in my body except for this issue which makes sense. I usually only get the psin in one area at a time. Has this happened to anyone else and how did you resolve it. I'm desperate. It seems to snap st the 90 degree range limiting my PT progress. My surgeon's response was that he never saw anything like this before and he is perplexed. That did not make me feel good.

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