Anyone have stem cell therapy with no surgery for talor done lesion ?

Posted by krystal1970 @krystal1970, May 20 4:41pm

I am from Canada, and we are not allowed to use stem cells for surgical purposes. I’m looking for an opinion on whether or not I could use my own stem cells for Talor Dome lesion, large (13.5) that is stable? Also called osteocondrial lesion? I am developing arthritis now, injury 6 months old. Conservative treatment failed (likely not treated properly) and my surgical options here are incredibly intrusive removing Cartlidge from the knee on my good leg, breaking my bad leg and then inserting the Cartlidge. My orthopedic surgeon said I would be eligible for ankle replacement when I am about 70 years old. I am 53 and previously active.
I was just walking and stepped off a sidewalk however, there was a hole there apparently and I fell rolling my ankle out. Apparently, this is a rare injury based on its location. I have not really been able to walk for six months. I have been treated by everyone, Physio, podiatry, massage, reflexology… I have had Several x-rays, a CT, an MRI, and I am waiting for an ultrasound and bone scan. I was hopeful that I could just use my own stem cells and hope that injection is an option.
My Injury was getting better until my physiotherapist pulled on my foot while pressing on my ankle where my injury is. That was approximately 2.5 - 3 months post injury.
I am looking to see if stem cell therapy is available for this injury or if anyone else has experienced something similar.
I cannot live this way, and I am very concerned about impacting both of my legs, breaking one to access the debridement, and I guess insertion of the healthy Cartlidge, and then hoping my other leg also heals. My orthopedic surgeon was going to give me an injection, (Dutolane 1 mg) however, said that the additional fluid could actually make things worse. He also said some of his patients are going to Arizona for stem cell therapy. Literature appears that some locations are doing stem cell therapy for this exact injury.

I’m just devastated as I believe conservative approach was working until my physio re-injured it.
Anyone? Help? I’m sorry if this is all over the map but I’m really struggling living alone and the thought of this being my new life is unacceptable.

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