Anyone have experience with Dr. Abdul-Muhsin at Mayo Phoenix?

Posted by brendamc @brendamc, Apr 5 2:14pm

Getting a second opinion soon and just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with Dr. Abdul-Muhsin. Looking into robotic surgery vs Proton. Any doctors you'd recommend for either procedure at Mayo Phoenix? Thanks for the insights.

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Do you have an appointment with Dr. Abdul-Muhsin for your second opinion?


In May/June last year my husband saw Dr. Abdul-Muhsin discussing RP. When a PET scan showed several nodes in his pelvis he was told surgery was not a good option and was sent back to Rad Onc. His option there was proton therapy along with 3 or more years of hormone therapy. We felt we needed to pursue other opinions and connected with Dr Matt Tollefson (surgeon) at Mayo Rochester. Long story short, he went there for robotic assisted prostatectomy and removal of the suspect lymphnodes. The nodes were all negative for cancer, prostate removed with clean margins. We are so relieved to be nearly one year out with great results. It was a huge mental relief to my husband to deal with it in the surgical way and know the results immediately. He was not keen on radiating his prostate and pelvis and hoping it was working. Plus dealing with side effects of 3 years hormone therapy.
Choices on the path forward are deeply personal. My suggestion when considering any surgeon is to ask, how many of these surgeries have you performed and what are the statistics. As patients we are our own best advocates. Best of luck on your journey.


I had a RARP at Mayo Phoenix by Dr Abdul-Muhsin last Oct. I had a consult with him in early Sept and he recommended surgery as the best option in my case. I had a PET Scan that showed the cancer was contained. I also had a consult with Rad Onc as well in early Oct. I was pleased with the results achieved by Dr Abdul, clear surgical margins, direct communication on all points to consider, great bedside manner, and obviously a talented surgeon with lots of experience. My recovery has been better than anticipated, no incontinence from day of catheter removal and some sexual function with one nerve spared, which I attribute to the skill of Dr Abdul. He and his staff are wonderful to deal with! Feel free to reach out if you need more info on my experience at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix or Dr Abdul and his staff!


I was diagnosed with PCa in late 2022 and went to Mayo clinic Phoenix. I was assigned to see Dr Muhsin and we found him personable and professional. He performed my robotic prostectomy in March 2023 and it went well. Dr Muhsin prepared me with the outcome of needing radiation treatment after the surgery as the cancer appeared aggressive It been a year since my surgery and my PSA levels have been undetectable despite having a positive tumor in one of my lymph nodes. My nerve sparing surgery had great results. I did have incontinence after the surgery, but currently done to one shield a day. I requested PT for keels and received it. I wished I would have had the PT before the surgery. Dr Muhsin and his team have been very easy to communicate with and I see them every 3 months. We have no regrets and are very happy having Dr Muhsin perform my surgery.

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