Anyone had surgery on spine who also has osteopenia or osteoporosis

Posted by Twocoastsm @marlenec, Dec 10, 2022

I have a double whammy. I have spondylolisthesis at L4/L5 and it causes some sciatica/left knee and leg pain that I’ve treated with epidural injections with some relief and with physical therapy. An orthopedic surgeon and two neurosurgeons have said that the only way to fix this when I’m “ready” is a fusion. I also have osteopenia – not osteoporosis yet. Took the oral meds for years and was taken off due to stable scans and some improvement. Density has decreased somewhat since two years ago and internist wants to start medication but I have reflux so she sent me a hematologist for injections – she told me that I can’t take the oral meds anymore and all she can do is Prolia. I’m reluctant so am waiting to see a new endocrinologist (I moved and had to find a new one). Wondering how anyone who has had a fusion has fared if their bone density was also low?

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I have osteoporosis and am six months post surgery for a long fusion, T4 to S1.

I’ve been on a daily injection of Tymlos since March 2021. I will need to stop in February 2023. My doctor wanted me on it for at least one year pre surgery to improve my bone strength. I’m also using a bone growth stimulator for 9 months post surgery.

In February I have all the scans to see how the bones are fusing. So far, all X-rays show that I have not had any hard ware failure.

I was told I had a 60% chance of some hardware failure. I’ve followed the rules, no bending, no lifting, no twisting. So far, so good.

I hope this helps.


I had reflux and my vitamin dr (sounds crazy also tastes terrible great for intestines )on empty stomack in the morning drink 4 oz of red cabbage juice and before bed do the same your head will be spinning manny vitamins !!!!
let me know how you do


Yes, I’ve had spinal surgery at L3 – L5, with titanium cage. I too, am osteopenic. I personally had no physical issues for over 2 years now with this surgery. (64 years old). For me, it was well worth getting it done. Good luck!

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