Anyone familiar with Real Wave Neuropathy Centers?

Posted by domiha @domiha, Feb 23 9:00am

I came across Real Wave Neuropathy Treatment Center. There are several locations in the US, the closest to me being in the Atlanta area. I'm just wondering if anyone here has heard of them or has received any treatment at any and if so, with what results?? Any negatives about them? Thanks! Mike

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Thanks for sharing your husband's experience, @luv2teach. I am 2 hours from the closest treatment center, but that may be closed, as well. Sounds like another of those things that sounds too good to be true... and probably is. 🙁 Hope your husband is finding other things that help bring some degree of relief. Best wishes! Mike

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It was helping my husband a lot.


Yes, my husband had been going for sometime and had been on maintenance for sometime and going once a week. We went for his appointment today to find locked door, with lights out! Now, what is everyone going to do that it was


I am shocked to hear that, as I have had several patients use their services. I thought they were still growing!


I'm sure they are one of many businesses that have went out of business due to the current economic conditions.
This is what their website shows -

"RealWave has closed all its centers effective February 29, 2024. If you need a copy of your medical records or have a billing question please email"

Even worse news - Why are 600+ rural hospitals at risk of closing?:


Yes, I have been having treatment there for two years. I feel it really helped me, especially the numbness in my feet. They had six offices in Michigan. Perhaps they expanded too quickly, but as of this week apparently, they have closed. My insurance paid for it so apparently it helped lots of other people as well! I am sorry they closed.


My fiance went to a clinic that was offering softwave treatment for his diabetic neurothopy. Very expensive and does not accept medicaid . We were very disappointed we couldn't continue. But if its a scam then I suppose it saved us money.
We are in Nebraska Sounds like they have clinics in the Chicago area as well.
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