Anyone dealing with ckd and bladder cancer.

Posted by jackc @jackc, Mar 31, 2021

I am trying to decide on a bladder cancer treatment or cystectomy. How these decisions impact my chance for a kidney transplant. Would like to hear from anyone who has made this journey.

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Hi, @jackc. Welcome to Mayo Connect where you and a lot of my new friends exchange information and build confidence in our ability to manage our health and medical care when it's needed. I don't know how much help I can provide in response to your situation, but you can be sure that there are lots of other members who can give you real assurances. Bladder cancer and chronic kidney disease are in my medical history, but perhaps in ways that are different from yours. I have tolerated CKD for 20 years or more (along with chronic hypertension) and it has descended to the level of Moderate CKD with kidney efficiency — measured as Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) — now at 35 milliliters per minute. My bladder cancer was discovered 12 years ago during surgery to reduce prostate intrusion into my bladder; when prostate tissue was removed, one small bladder tumor was exposed on the bladder lining. A follow-up cystoscopy revealed a dozen more little tumors — all moderately malignant. BUT since they were all rooted only in the superficial lining of the bladder, they were swiftly removed after we caught them before they grew roots down into the bladder muscle. After their removal through my urethra, I was treated with Bacillus Calmette–Guerin (BCG) a bacterial solution that encourages your immune system to attack and destroy cancer cells. More information on BCG is available at

In my case, there was never a threat of bladder removal by cystectomy nor of kidney damage from the bladder tumors. As a result, we never had the conversation about kidney transplant. Other Connect members can speak about those difficult issues, so stay tuned. Can I be helpful by rounding up some members whose issues mirror yours? Martin


@jackc I second the welcome that @predictable gave you! I have Stage 4 kidney disease. No bladder cancer. Are your nephrologist and rest of the medical team aware of all the issues, and your questions? Pardon my nosiness, what is your eGFR now, and how long have you been considering a transplant? I do know that a transplant is off the table for a certain amount of time following a cancer diagnosis. I have multiple myeloma, and have to go through a round of chemo, stem cell transplant, then wait a year or more to be considered for transplant.

@predictable gave some detailed information about his experience with bladder cancer. @parus may want to chime in about her experience with it, also. The more information you have about your own situation, the better for you to be able to make decisions. When you are ready, feel free to a few more details. Do you have a support team there with you [family, friends, community]?

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