Any Zometa Patients experience side effects?

Posted by maryjillian @maryjillian, Mar 16 11:22am

Have been on Zometa and am experiencing tooth problems and hair loss. Anyone else with problems?

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Is it a jaw bone issue and could you share how many infusions you’ve had. I wasn’t aware of any side effects related to hair loss but these drugs very powerful. I was so hesitant about Zometa even though often recommended as I have invasive lobular breast cancer but I opted for weekly pill, Fosamax but I’m not sure it gets adequately absorbed. Have you experienced any improvement in your DEXA numbers? Xoxo


I've had 2 infusions and just cancelled the 3rd because of bone loss in most teeth and I now must have periodontal anti-bacterial treatment. Arestin is the dentist choice for treatment. It has not been studied in patients with weakened immune systems and I have undifferentiated connective tissue disease. I am trying to get more information on this product.
Hair loss, brittle finger and toe nails with very dry cuticles even if I wear gloves for house work and sleep with Cetaphil and cotton gloves . Don't have new DEXA numbers

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