Any advice as to pureed foods with an ileostomy?

Posted by gr8fulone @gr8fulone, Oct 27, 2020

I have heard a lot of ostomates like baby food or blender pureed foods, to keep fiber at a mininum…
Been thinking about it but have no idea which food wouldnt foul up my appliance….

Hi @gr8fulone, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'd like to bring @iamthekat @d1ane @candywocrn and @engelee into this discussion, as I'm sure that will have tips to offer about pureed foods with an ostomy.

In the meantime, @gr8fulone can you share a bit more about yourself? How long have you been living with an ileostomy? What foods work for you now?


when I first had surgery (perm ileostomy 2017) I was worried that everything would get stuck. I tried using a blender and an onion chopper but didn't like any of it because of its consistency or the different foods weren't very tasty like that.

Anyway, after trial and error I found what I could and couldn't eat depending on how they were prepared. Big ones for me are veggie skins, celery, citrus, nuts, popcorn and equally important is chewing.

My trick was put down my fork and count to 30 or use a timer. It is worth the time to reprogram the brain. It seems it's in a man's DNA to attempt to eat a water buffalo in three bites. Gotta break that habit.

For me it is much more satisfying to peel and de-seed a tomato then to eat mush.

Probably shouldn't write these at 630 am because my brain is all over the place! LOL! Anyway, if you have questions please ask. I love to tinker with things and try to find cheap or easy solutions.


Hello @gr8fulone,

I would also like to introduce you to @thull. She has had several surgeries on the colon and also eats a lot of soft/pureed foods. She also has a liquid drink that she orders from Amazon that has helped her.

Perhaps she can help you with your question as well.


Boost Breeze is the clear drink I was given at Mayo Phoenix and was able to order off Amazon. 250 calories and 9 grams of protein per juice box.

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