anxious 18 year old worried about old scar on lip line

Posted by trunta @trunta, Dec 27, 2022

I had a singular bump on my lip line 3 years ago and it never showed up before nor again but it did leave a scar. I had thought it was a pimple but I saw a video talking about cold sores and how common they are and i can’t stop thinking of it especially with the scar. At first I paid no mind to it but now its all i see on my face and i have been really anxious about whether it was a pimple or not for the past week. I don’t remember it having the symptoms of a cold sore like the itching feeling before it starts, hurting while present, or being a cluster of blisters, and that was the first time this has happened and people normally say that the first cold sore outbreak is severe. i was wondering if you could tell if it was a pimple or a cold sore by the scar. i know it been 3 years but can i get rid of scar.

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I was plagued with cold sores as a teenager but they don’t generally leave scars. Since it is on the lip line it is probably a pimple. But, you should definitely see a dermatologist because you don’t know what kind of pimple it is. Three years is a long time. It could just be a clogged follicle or something more serious. In any event the dermatologist will know and tell you what needs to be done. Not meaning to scare you but don’t delay anymore since it is bothering you.

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Get Mederma scar cream at drug store 2x day. I just had thyroid surgery and doc suggested that.

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