Antidepressants and IBS -D

Posted by viv1953 @viv1953, Jan 27 7:47am

Has anyone had success treating their IBS-D with low-dose antidepressants? Just started this in addition to IBGard, cholestyramine, metamucil, doxycycline, and very careful diet.

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Doxycycline is an antibiotic, right? Why would you take that, assuming you don't have a bacterial infection? Just curious. Did a Dr. recommend/prescribe it?


Why are they giving you a Antibiotic? Do you have Diverticulitis or some other bacterial intestinal infection? Some of the Anti Depressents can cause constipation and there is a group of them that can cause loose stool. So you do have to be careful and do this under a Doctor's supervision.


Wondering if anyone has taken anti-depressants for treatment of IBS-D and if it eliminated diarrhea and urgency?
Thank you

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