Anterior pelvic tilt

Posted by mom2five @mom2five, Jul 9, 2022

Anterior pelvic tilt,Just curious to see if anyone else has been diagnosed with a APT especially since a total hip replacement. Due to an auto accident at the age of 12 that had damaged ligaments and tendons in my right thigh My right leg has been a little shorter than my left it had been noticed but was causing me no issues until post surgery. Following my surgery I was told by my surgeons assistant that they noticed the difference in my leg length but didn’t mention whether or not they attempted to correct , I’m assuming not because shortly afterwards I began to have interior groin Pain and tenderness.
I began to lean somewhat forward while standing but now it is near impossible for me to stand and walk without some type of aid. Would appreciate your input and or suggestions of how I can try to correct this.

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@mom2five I saw in your other discussion that you have also been having some back problems. Pelvic tilt and spine alignment are very important, and now with a hip replacement, that adds scar tissue and everything gets tighter. The pain you describe sounds like what happens when my pelvis gets pulled out of alignment, as that happens so easily. My physical therapist can easily assess and correct my alignment.

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Are you working with a physical therapist? Have you told your surgeon about the new symptoms?

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