Ankle Distraction surgery

Posted by gatto @gatto, Feb 5, 2019

Has anyone had "Ankle Distraction" surgery where more space is created between the joint? I want to know if the Mayo Clinic does it, but don't know where or how to ask. Thank you. Julie

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If you go to and search on the phase "ankle distraction" you should be able to learn whether they do the surgery.

Good Luck!


I typed that in, but did not find the information. I saw sources footnoted on what I am guessing is a total ankle joint replacement, but no information besides that. Thank you, I will do some research and maybe call the clinic itself? Julie


Sorry I did not actually try to search before I replied to you.There is a Foot and Ankle Clinic at Mayo-Rochester….perhaps they can give you some answers.


Thank you, I will check with them. Julie

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