Anastrozole vs Letrozole vs Tamoxifen

Posted by katielee @katielee, Jan 23, 2019

Over two years out from initial Stage1 diagnosis. Lumpectomy followed by radiation, then began taking anastrozole for about 6-7 months. Side effects, mostly bone pain that eventually moved to my feet, were horrible as my job requires a lot of walking. Doc recommended a stay in the meds for about two weeks. Felt like a new person! I’m currently on Letrozole which has been a better fit for me until the last few months. Hair thinning (also happened with anastrozole); HOT FLASHES, severe fatigue, bone pain mainly in my hips, and depression. Not sleeping well, but Dr. isn’t sure that’s Letrozole. He gave me the option of coming off Letrozole for 7-10 days to see if I noticed a difference. If I improve, I’ll next try Tamoxifen. I know everyone reacts diffently to these meds, but I’d certainly appreciate some feedback from you guys before I make another change. Thanks so much!

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Hi @katielee
I took tamoxifen after breast cancer and had a vaginal discharge as a side effect. I’m now scheduled to have a hysterectomy because the tamoxifen has caused my uterus to be precancerous. I’m BRCA positive so was having ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed anyway. Everyone has different side effects from all the cancer prevention meds. Best wishes to you and your decision about what to do next!


I am wishing you you an easy process with what is ahead. You have the right attitude in saying one thing leads to another. Friends are helpful during the process. Some of the best I met during cancer treatment.

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