An easy fix for cataracts??

Posted by crossette @crossette, May 25, 2023

Here is something really interesting. While researching information on glaucoma I stumbled across an article that told of a randomised, placebo-controlled study of eye drops containing 1% n-acetylcarnosine for slow elimination of cataracts. This was way back in 2002. To my suprise the results were quite positive with 88% of participants seeing improvements in vision ranging from 7% to 100%. Also, none of them reported any side effects! Here is a summary of the paper.
Since then there have been a few more studies showing similar results! Also, the results were still good 2 years after the initial 6 month period of drop useage! So why don't we all know about this? My guess is MONEY! The drug companies can't patent this because this substance occurs naturally in your body. The eye doctors get nothing from it because surgery is so much more profitable!!
I have bought some of these drops (eBay or Amazon has them) and will report back in a month or two. Meanwhile try typing this phrase into your favorite search engine: "n-acetylcarnosine eye drops reviews". Best of health to you.

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NAC research is ongoing and has been around awhile. There are clinical trials still being done worldwide. Depending on what publication you read, there is a potential for slowing or reversing cataracts but, as far as I could see, no definitive results. I did have the surgery many years ago with good results but also came across this information becauseI have dry AMD and am interested in all eye related studies.

What concerns me is the proliferation of these drugs being sold online by the different vitamin companies. Not all vitamins or eye drops are created equally and formulated the same. One would have to have the understanding of how these formulas were developed. Personally, I wouldn’t order any vitamins or nutrients from Amazon or EBay or even buy any eyedrops for this particular purpose if available in stores. I think it is too early to jump on the bandwagon and would be concerned about doing any damage to my eyes.

But this is my decision and I realize not all cataract surgeries have good outcomes. I just wanted to say, as with any new product, proceed with caution before inserting something into your eye. You know these companies are looking at research being done and are so quick to make a profit if they get a hint of possible positive outcomes. It would be wonderful, however, if the research eventually proves that NAC is definitely effective.

FL Mary


Interesting, and first I've heard about drops being used for cataracts. Will be looking forward to hearing back from you about your experience and results after using the drops.

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