Alternative pain relieving methods for Small Fiber Neuropathy?

Posted by bobcardi63 @bobcardi63, Nov 4 4:14pm

Other than prescription drugs, has anyone found any alternative ways to alleviate pain from small fiber neuropathy? Anything such as supplements, red light therapy, cold laser, fasting …. I have been diagnosed with non-length dependent SFN which appears on a good majority of my body. Any help would be appreciated.

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I was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy more than 15 years ago. I really didn’t notice symptoms until 5 years ago. I now have moderate to severe nerve pain throughout my body. The only thing that has helped take the edge off the pain has been Gabapentin Enocarbil (“Horizant”). It does have unpleasant side effects for me ( weakness, fatigue, brain fog, and balance issues), but it has been mostly worth the trade off to get some pain modification. I have tried multiple other meds with nos success. I know everyone is different. Best of luck.


Thanks for the input. Is that different than just Gabapentin? Good luck.


The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy has a pretty comprehensive list of Complementary and Alternative Treatments –


Sorry to say, I rely on prescription meds to minimize my pain. I have length-dependent idiopathic small fiber polyneuropathy, which continues to progress. I’ve taken lots of different meds (Gabapentin, Lyrica) but now use the following: Tegretol 1000 mg/day, Percocet 7.5 mg – 1/2 pill three times/day, and Baclofen as needed, usually twice a day. Also prednisone periodically, when I get too knotted up. I go to physical therapy every week or two. I recommend that you look up drugs you are not familiar with and start learning more about them because you will hear a lot of new drug names on this forum.

Hopefully you will find relief without prescription drugs. My sister doesn’t want to take prescription drugs, but her daily suffering is much worse than mine as a result. I don’t like suffering, and I don’t like the way my life is when I am. I need to be the best I can be to get through this life in a semi-positive way!

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