ALT and AST suddenly low after years of elevation.

Posted by John Taylor @jdtay87, May 16 4:35pm

In 2016, my ALT was 144 and my AST was 55. In 2021, my ALT was 95 and my AST was 56. In 2023, my ALT is 16 and my AST is 9. Should I be celebrating or worried?

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I was a clinical chemist for 30 years and have seen thousands of liver enzymes. Thousands. I’d be very pleased with those numbers. Totally normal. Generally in enzymes lower is better and you started in the abnormal area for the ALT and high normal for the AST. If your other liver function tests are also normal, I think celebration would be in order. But I’m not your physician!


The normal range for ALT is 4-36 and the normal range for AST is 8-33. When was the last time you were tested? When will you be tested next? Keep up with your low fat diet. All I can suggest here is that maybe your liver is finally healing. Just follow up with your doctor! These are good numbers.

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