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Almost a half-year wait for an appointment.

Posted by @pbleonar, Jun 20, 2017

5 months. From the posted date to September 19th. And I find myself wondering what the supposed utility and efficacy of the Mayo Clinic’s accolades and high-brow physicians are if you have to wait just under half a year for an initial appointment? Further, it’s not like it’s cheap.

Does anyone have suggestions for better places to go to, because this is a total joke.

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@pblenoar – Were you given a reason for the long wait? Would it have been better if you had a referral or was a pre approval from insurance holding things up? I would certainly ask because your experience is the complete opposite of my experience. If you can’t wait for your appointment I would look for a teaching hospital that is close to where you live. Teaching hospitals usually are familiar with a wide range of ailments and have a large staff. I don’t know where you live or what your situation is so it is hard to be more specific than that. The internet could also be a source of information for hospitals that treat what you need help with. Best of luck!


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