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Allergies and lightheadedness

Posted by @nerak in Just Want to Talk, Aug 16, 2012

Hello everyone. I am wondering if anyone has had their seasonal allergies or the use of antihistamines cause lightheadedness. I started experiencing this last July and lasted several months. It started again this july and I realized it seemed to coincided with my allergy season. Last year they ran every test on me and could find no cause. I mentioned this at my physical yesterday and my dr immediately said there is no relation. Any opinions?

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Posted by @sheilawile, Aug 22, 2012

Hi, I am experiencing those symptoms now, as I have for years. Every
spring and fall I have a session of lightheadness which I have connected
to the allergy season. Occasionally I have such dizzy spells, I have to
stay put with my eyes closed until it passes. I find that decongestants do
help. I think the problems stems from the pressure on the inner ear caused
by the inflammation from the allergy. One doctor even thought I had
meniere's disease and put me on medication for that. Thru my own experiendes
I have found the best way to handle this. Take my allergy meds as directed
and add a decongestant that agrees with other meds when I
experience the lightheadedness...


Posted by @nerak, Aug 22, 2012

Thank you so much for responding. It makes me feel better that there is someone who knows what I am talking about even if my dr doesn't agree. I see an allergist on the 6 th so hopefully I can get some answers.


Posted by @sheilawile, Aug 23, 2012

Good luck. Ask your Doctor about decongestants,there are warnings associated with the use of them, particularly with heart, blood pressure or thyroid issues. I try to take the lowest dose, and if that doesn't do the job, I will take another one.

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