Allergic reactions

Posted by Lisa @techi, Oct 25, 2018

After 4yrs of being diagnosed with liver disease. I just came back from the mayo clinic and l had gotten good news no cirrhosis of the liver. Doctors assumed you had it because of your symptoms my doctor said. So today l was talking to my daughter and she tells me she found in her phone when l was in the hospital in 2014 l was allergic to keppra. Now l was unaware of all this because l was always drugged up with meds. Then l went to another hospital for rehabilitation where she worked and the neurologist didn't pick that up. I just picked up last month keppra because I was never taken off something I was allergic too. But l was listening to a preacher this morning and he said don't look back because you will get stuck and lose your joy and make you health worst dealing with stressful situations. And really stress will kill you more than anything else. Is it worth it? Man wants you to fear. God doesn't. Which way should l go? Think about it? K can only get worst if l chose to fear.

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