Alcohol pain

Posted by fastfishey @fastfishey, Jun 10, 2020

I'm a 31yr old female. I have had problems with alcohol develop over the last 3 years. i can drink a win cooler and instantly feel attacked internaly. I can drink 2 beers and the same thing. Other liquors is a quick attack too. What happens by my description of attacks is all of a sudden my arm are heavy and then there is a massinve amount of pain in them. This use to go away when i took an asprin, ate, and or drank lots of water. Now it stays for about an hour after i have a drink. Some times the pain lasts for a couple days- the main pain like a being grabbed really hard, or dull ache foes away but there can be a lingering feeling like a heavy feeling in my arms for days. It only seems to be in my arms. Once in a rare blue moon it is across my stomach. Does anyone know why this happens? I get it dont drink if it hurts -i dont drink very often and its becomming even less becuase i cannot stand the pain.

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Hello @fastfishey and welcome to Mayo Connect.

I can certainly understand your concern about this pain. It sounds most uncomfortable and worrisome. As you know, Mayo Connect is a patient-to-patient support group and we cannot offer diagnoses.

You do not mention other chronic health problems, but I'm wondering if the alcohol could be aggravating a pre-existing condition? When was the last time you have had an appointment for a physical? Have any family members had similar symptoms?

I would highly recommend that you make an appointment with your doctor to discuss this as soon as possible. After a complete physical the doctor can rule out any serious problems and perhaps put your mind at ease. If there is a problem, it is good to have it addressed sooner rather than later.

Will you make an appointment?


Hello @fastfishey

I thought you might find the following links helpful to you as you consider some of your discomforts after alcohol consumption.

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Possible Causes of Pain After Drinking Alcohol:
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Are you considering talking with your primary care doctor or a GI specialist?


My comments won’t be as eloquent as @hopeful33250’s were.
There is no question that I am prejudiced regarding the use of alcohol. This prejudice is based on many incidents however the most important are the fact that my 17-year-old girlfriend was a victim of alcohol and died at the tender age of 17.
My father, also a victim of alcohol when he was involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver. My father sustained a broken neck from the accident and was paralyzed from the neck down just leaving him trapped in his truck as fuel leaked closer and closer to the engine my father was terrified he was going to burn alive. The person responsible got in his car and drove off leaving my father to his fate.
I believe @hopeful33250 provided you with excellent advise, to make an appointment with your physician. Your situation reminds me of the adage; “Doctor it hurts when I do this, then don’t do that. The solution seems obvious, just stop consuming alcohol. However I do agree with Teresa the possibility exists of an underlying medical issue and therefore I too believe it’s in your best interest to consult a physician. I know binge drinking can result in alcoholic neuropathy and myopathy and it can wreak havoc if you have diabetes and numerous other things but usually those are associated with heavier drinking.

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