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Posted by @downz in Digestive Health, Sep 9, 2011

i am pretty much house bound,if i go anyplace i have bad loose stools and sometimes i can' control it.

Tags: agoraphobia


Posted by @slasher20412, Sep 16, 2011

I had this for about 20 years and only felt safe in our bathroom. I got an appt with a very good psychiatrist and he got me onto medication. I have been with 4 different psychiatrists (they keep retiring!) and have gotten so much better with medication. Just talk therapy did not help as medication and talk. I feel like I lost a big part of my life, but I am determined to keep going.


Posted by @downz, Sep 19, 2011

i am going to see my 1st Psychiatrist next week i hope he can help ME.i am glad you are not backing down you really have courage i hope i can to Rita


Posted by @slasher20412, Sep 19, 2011

I know this is a terrible condition. I hope you will get some medication to help you with the panic attacks. I am thinking of you!


Posted by @vanessa1, Jan 29, 2012

What medications helped you with this?


Posted by @shaelaruns, Nov 13, 2011

3 words ... COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY!!!! ... it's hard work but if you put in the effort and work you will have your life back.

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