After recurrence, what else besides radiation and 6 month Orgyvx (ADT)

Posted by natem @natem, Aug 31, 2022

I had RP in July 2013 with Gleason 9 at 53 years of age. Since then my PSA was always <.1 until Nov 2021 it hit .2. I met with Rad ONC after psa reached .3 six weeks later. I started 6 month regimen of Orgyvx and Versa radiation machine. PSA after completion was <.02, or undetectable. I believe Orgyvx alone can do that, so I'm not sure how effective the radiation was. They found small spot in distant lymph node that was level 3 via psma PET scan, inconclusive, but I suspect they believe that was the origin. I have another 6 month psa test scheduled in Jan 2023. I believe they think I only have a 25%-35% of it being cured due to lymph node involvement. I'm wondering why they don't do something more aggressive like a Chemo or something while I'm presently in pretty good condition. Anyone been here, or had experience with this? Thanks much!

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