After a suspicious MRI what is the average wait time to get a biopsy?

Posted by jomom @jomom, Oct 14 11:19am

Daughter lives over 900 miles away. Comes to Mayo Breast Clinic because we have a strong family history. Suspicious MRI results on 10/12 no contact from Mayo yet. Does anyone know the average wait time for the diagnostic MRI?

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If I were you I would call Mayo and ask them that question. They should be able to answer your question.

I had an MRI on October 12th too and I am also waiting for an answer to that same question. I have had many breast MRI's but for some reason I can't remember how long I had to wait to get the results.

Hopefully, they will get back to both of us soon!! This waiting is torture.


Hi! I did mine a few days later. Very quick. Hopefully, you can do the same. Take care!


I have not heard about having a second MRI. If the digital output is readable there’s not much to enhance it unless they didn’t use contrast.
I had the original mammogram (suspicious), one week later a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound, a biopsy 6 weeks later (not sure if it would have been done sooner but the radiologist recommendation was for me to return in 6 months for another mammogram! My PCP thought I should go ahead and see a specialist, and biopsy was scheduled). Then surgery 10 weeks after that – I switched from the local hospital to MD Anderson for surgery. Only one MRI was done, just prior to surgery, and I needed a second biopsy because the local hospital never sent the biopsy slides as requested.

I believe the recommended time from diagnosis to surgery is not more than 60 days. So you might see how your daughter’s care fits within that timeline.
I found it takes about a week for new scans to be processed, viewed by the radiologist, and a plan put in place for the next step – whether it is another scan or a doctor visit. I’m pretty sure the facility wants to make sure the doctor you initially interface with is one that will follow you through your treatment. The doctor needs to read your current scan, and any other prior scans and reports you have. So it takes time, meanwhile they are also seeing their current patients.


I also had an MRI on Oct 12th. Today I received a call from my oncologist's office. My results were BIRADS 4- Suspicious and they have scheduled me for an ultrasound with possible biopsy and if they don't see the lesion I might have an MRI guided biopsy. I have a 1cm x 0.8cm x 0.7cm irregular shaped mass. The schedulers were told to do this ASAP. They had to bump a couple of patients to get me in by OCT 30th.

I had a 2CM lesion almost 4 years ago in the other breast. I have had to have an imaging done every 3 or 4 months for the last 4 years. The idea of going through this again is mortifying.

Have you found out anything regarding your daughter?


Hi @jomom, I hope you called Mayo Clinic breast clinic as members suggested. How are you and your daughter doing? Any update?

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