I was diagnosed with Lichen Amyloidosis on my legs

Posted by CAH @moncheriann, Jun 3, 2015

After 40 years, I was diagnosed with Lichen Amyloidosis on my legs. Has anyone else dealt with this or have any further information on it? The only thing I have found is online from the UK. Do I need to worry about long-term problems beside being self-conscious? The Dermatologist who finally diagnosed my condition has since retired.

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I have been dealing with this as well. Have you been able to find anything to help with this condition?


Hello @sherriberri and @moncheriann

How are you? I found this conversation in the Diabetes & Endocrine group on Connect, and thought it might interest you:
ITCHING https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/itching/
We'd sincerely like to hear back from you with any updates or questions you might have.


I was given a differential diagnosis by my rheumatologist after presenting with swelling of my tongue. I don't really know what ALL my diagnosis are, but what are symptoms on your legs like?

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