Alfuzosin and PSA

Posted by franks59 @franks59, Nov 9, 2018

On this site (MayoClinic dot org), there is the following blurb on Afluzosin:

“This medicine may affect the results of the prostate specific antigen (PSA) test, which may be used to detect prostate cancer. Make sure you tell all of your doctors that you are using this medicine.”

The exact blurb is also on
However, my doctor insists it does NOT affect PSA. I cannot find any more detail on this, not even any studies that come to that conclusion.
Does anyone have any more info?
Is it possible the info posted her incorrect?

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Hi @franks59, it is so frustrating to discern accurate information when you have contradictory evidence and opinions. I'm not a medical professional, but I also did an internet search on alfuzosin, alpha 1 blockers and PSA levels.

Here, of course, is the Mayo Clinic information you found that mentions that alfuzosin may affect PSA levels

I also found this study abstract that supports that it affects PSA levels

However, many websites about the drug made no mention of PSA interactions. The drug company's product monograph (the detailed information about the drug) states:
Drug-Laboratory Tests Interactions
Treatment with alfuzosin hydrochloride for up to 12 months produced no clinically significant
changes in urinalysis, the routine biochemical and hematologic tests as well as in prostate
specific antigen (PSA).

I'm afraid that doesn't put you much further ahead in untangling the information. Frank, are you taking alfuzosin and now need to be screened for prostate cancer?


Thanks @colleenyoung,

My PSA velocity has been worrisome to me. Here's the trend:

06/12/2003 0.9
06/06/2006 0.8
07/27/2007 0.9
02/02/2008 0.9
10/07/2013 1.1
10/13/2015 1.3
10/20/2017 2.2
01/04/2018 1.6
05/09/2018 1.9
08/13/2018 2.7 (after 3 mos on FloMax)
11/05/2018 1.7 (after 3 mos on Afluzosin)

That study is good news for me. If the (rather old) study is correct, the the drug would have no effect on the PSA in cancer patients as the levels continued to rise. It only lowered them in patients with BPH, a common benign problem.

Either way, it seems I have nothing to worry about. Either it has no effect on PSA or it does reduce it but only if you have a benign condition.

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