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Posted by angie8hitt @angie8hitt, Oct 25 8:54pm

I have a granddaughter that is 19 and suddenly experiencing seisures, heart palpatations, passing out, has a host of other problems, spent several days in the hospital having test ran on her, to no avail.
No one in this town, with two giant health systems can figure out what is wrong with her. Is there a way to submit her symptoms & test results to someone who might give us some idea of what is going on with her? I had thought that there was a way to submit test results and a fee to have them looked at. at one point or another but can't find that option on the website anymore. We are very desperate to find an answer for her, get her on the right treatment and get her back in college. Thank you!

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❤️❤️I wish I had an answer for you. I would only say that heart issues can certainly be an issue at a young age, and it is much more recognized today. Over 50 years ago, my husband was 26 when he started having issues, the first being a fainting episode. They were so much more limited with their knowledge back then. He ended up having many heart attacks and two open heart surgeries in a year and a half period. His only final option was a heart transplant, but this was 1969, and they had just begun performng them. He would have had so many more options today. Just don't give up. Press the drs who cared for her in the hospital to come up with options, especially ones out of the box, like you are thinking of. She is lucky to have you fighting for her!


angie8hitt @angie8hitt

I am not aware of a way for patient to ask for review of records and provide a diagnosis. Providers can consult with providers in other clinics, not sure of process,

I think actually see another provider in person for 2nd opinion will give your granddaughter better results.

Possible options:
– Ask her provider what are the next steps and who they suggest for a 2nd option.
– The doctor can refer her to another clinic / specialist.
– She can self-refer herself to another clinic / provider.

When referred to another clinic by provider or self, they will review records and determine if they can provide any additional treatment beyond what existing providers have done.

If thinking about Mayo, here is link to starting point.


@angie8hitt, this must be so hard to see your daughter suffering. If you would like to seek a second opinion with Mayo Clinic experts, you can submit a request yourself by contacting Mayo Clinic. See the online or phone options here:

Should you wish to move forward with the appointment for your daughter, you will be able to send test results, imaging etc for the team to review.

You can also ask her physician to submit the referral rather than self refer. Please let me know if you have further questions.


Welcome to Mayo Connect @angie8hitt. You came to the right place to search for information. I'm sorry to hear that your granddaughter is going through these terrible issues. It has to be heartbreaking to watch and not have any clue what is going on. @colleenyoung gave you some really good advice and the correct link to start. I hope you are able to get some further help and find out what is wrong. Nineteen is so young and I bet she is scared too! I feel your desperation, and hope you are able to connect with the Mayo Clinic. They are the best in the world in my opinion, and take on the most difficult cases when no one else can figure it out. Is her Family Doctor involved in her case? Will they be willing to make a referral? That may help expedite her through…just a thought.


I can recommend a Mayo consultation.
Its where I go
She can ask for referral by her current doctor to Mayo

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