Advice on KRAS G12V gene

Posted by natx127 @natx127, May 18, 2023

My wive had a month ago a full hysterectomy plus the extraction of the omentum and the peritoneum because metastasis from the colon cancer she had on 2020 (when she got a resection of the colon).
Now she will start taking FOL FOX. Any advise? The mutation she has is KRAS G12V with microsatellite stability.
Is there any targeted medication for this cancer? Thnks

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@natx127, it sounds like you and your wife have been through a lot the last 3+ years. A few members have had FOLFOX, like @maya8238 @admedical @bakerkt @mallika58 @susan159 @pjebp @klh1214, who can share their experiences on this chemo regimen.

Natx, will panitumumab be added to her treatment? How is she doing? How are you doing?

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