Adderall shortage

Posted by jeno71 @jeno71, Apr 7, 2023

I’m on 60mg of Adderall a day. Ideally, three 20mgs daily, but break it down however I can get it. Oh, these are IRS. It takes me at least eight phone calls monthly to find a pharmacy that has anything in stock! I am in another chat room and people from all different states are suffering from this. Anyone else have this problem? Moreover, besides docs prescribing to people without a diagnosis and who they’ve never met before starting during Covid, telehealth enables them to crank out more scripts in a shorter period of time. Also, I heard that the manufacturers slowly get word that they can only make a certain percentage less than the year before. I also heard from my main pharmacist that we will be seeing more on the shelves in. April and this was eRly March. Idk. Any information? Frustrated.

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Hello @jeno71, From what I am reading the shortage is nationwide but is supposed to be in supply this Spring.

"Brand-name Adderall is no longer officially in shortage, according to the FDA shortage tracker. But generics, which most people are taking, are expected to be in short-supply until the spring."
--- Adderall shortage forces some patients to scramble, ration or go without
February 18, 2023:


Uggh- is t it spring already???!!!

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