Acid in esophagus

Posted by jordan96 @jordan96, Jul 2, 2018

My upper GI results came back saying I have reactive gastritis. Not sure what that all means

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Hello @jordan96 and welcome to Mayo Connect! Connect is a great place to find support for your health related questions and concerns. I'm pleased that you found our site!

You indicated that you were interested in knowing more about gastritis. Being a well informed patient is vital to success in treatment. Here is a website from Mayo that might answer some of your questions,

I'm supposing that you must have had some symptoms that led your doctor to do an upper GI? Has your doctor suggested any meds and/or change in eating habits to help with your symptoms?

Let me know if you have any other questions after you read the link. Connect has many members who have discussed gastritis and I'm sure others will share from their experiences. Here is a link to a conversation on acid reflux that might also be helpful to you,



I have learned the hard way that ignoring, or self treating of acid reflux can lead to much greater problems. I had a colonoscopy scheduled and had, on a whim, an endoscopy scheduled at the same time. The endoscopy revealed a four inch Barrett's esophagus segment with low grade dysplasia, and a small hiatel hernia. They waited about six mos and did another endoscopy and found some high grade dysplasia…. a route towards esophagial cancer. I have had five radio frequency ablation treatments. These are all things you have to have looked into.

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